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Choosing the Right Locksmiths in Sevenoaks

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Choosing The Right Locksmiths From The Sevenoaks Area

Not all locksmiths are the same and when you’re faced with an emergency, the natural thing to do is to call out a service provider to deal with the problem immediately. Many of our clients in Sevenoaks make the call blindly without knowing who their chosen locksmiths are. To ensure you are always in the safest possible hands, Locks ‘N’ Tools of Dartford recommend that you always follow these guidelines:

Always Choose Local Locksmiths

Wherever possible, look for locksmiths who are local to Sevenoaks and Kent. Ideally, you should always talk to the business owner or, at the very least, to somebody who works directly for the company. This is something that is impossible to do with locksmiths who only accept work through calls centres or websites. Choose these service providers and you’ll have no idea of who is going to be sent out to your property.


If you know somebody in the Sevenoaks area who may have used locksmiths before, ask for a referral. Previous customers are always the best critics!

Ask For Credentials

What makes the locksmiths you called different from the competition? If you’ve called a company in Sevenoaks with MLA accreditation, you’ll be in touch with an approved and vetted service provider endorsed by the industry’s most trusted legislative body. MLA accreditation is the only serious credential you should consider. Avoid locksmiths who do not display the MLA logo on literature or websites.


When the locksmith arrives at your property in Sevenoaks, remember to ask for ID. All MLA accredited locksmiths carry ID cards bearing the organisation’s logo.

Services And Experience

Good locksmiths will be able to provide a full service range. This will include access services when you are locked out of a property, lock repairs and replacements, lock upgrades, safe installations and accessing a vehicle after a lockout. Any locksmiths in Sevenoaks that can’t provide these services as a minimum requirement may not have the experience needed to perform the required work to a safe and professional standard.


It’s also worthwhile checking that the locksmith company you have chosen is insured. In the event of damages, a reputable locksmith will have sufficient cover in place. While the vast majority of jobs are completed without incident, accidents do happen so it’s always best to choose a service provider with sufficient insurance protection.

Contact Our Locksmiths In Sevenoaks On (01322) 228893 To Find Out More About Our Professional Service Range.

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